Friday, 16 October 2009

Pattern Cutters: The Unsung Heroes of the Fashion World

As a student studying and using pattern cutting techniques, I'm surprised I have only just found this out; most fashion designers have no technical knowledge. It doesn't sound like much but this really shocked me. I know it doesn't apply to all designers, but what it means is that many (if not most) respected and coveted designers cannot pattern cut or sew. I can do all three and then some. Now you know how 'celebrities' (a term I use very loosely) can 'design' ranges of clothes and accessories. For example Kate Moss for Topshop. A little birdy told me she doesn't even draw designs, just brings clothes from her own wardrobe to be reworked by a team at Topshop. The birdy also told me the clothes are often covered in fag burns and jizz. I'm glad they didn't include those design features on the finished garments.

Oh, and lace is so in right now.

Going out in our knickers?

I knew it was coming, and I'm pretty sure Lady Gaga caused it. But I was hoping not to see the day when Topshop encouraged us to go out in our underwear. I can see it now, cellulite everywhere on a Saturday night.

Are you going to wear them? More importantly... am I? I don't think so.

Also, keep an eye out for velvet, go a feeling it's going to be big this winter.