Tuesday, 19 January 2010

fashion apps

Having recently got an iPhone and spent far too long searching through the app store, i thought I'd try and save some like minded people some time and make a list of what I consider to be the best fashion related applications. Some are quite useful particularly to fashion students, but still great for anyone with an interest in fashion or styling. And some are downright unnecessary. I can see the human race completely dependent on these things within a year.

If you get one app, get this one. You can see hundreds of collections from pre-autumn 09, until spring/summer 2010, with ready to wear and couture shows, and is updated all the time.

trendstop trendtracker
Trend forecasting and analysis company, contains the dates and locations of hundreds of upcoming fashion shows.

The Sartorialist
The ultimate street style fashion blogger, mini version on your iPhone, how wonderful.

I like to just add whatever I like to my basket and gasp and the order total at the end. Or 'Sort by price: High'

Mobile version of the great fashion site. Users upload photos of their outfits.

All Chanel news, photos and details from all recent collections.

Pointless intro music. You can buy online (ha) and view the collections.

View collections and inspirations for women, men, and children.

Look at any new pieces, find your nearest store via GPS (or something).

Similar to Oasis and Zara apps.

Karen Millen
Again, view and buy from the collection.

Runway videos, lookbook, backstage previews, and a wallpaper for your iPhone.

Ralph Lauren
View Fall 09 or Spring 10 Collections.

View looks, store locator, and Gucci news. And some sort of bizarre music making game?

fashion, beauty and culture news

Paris Street Map
I'm going to Paris at the end of March so this will be useful, but you can get maps for practically anywhere.

In general I'm very impressed with the iPhone. I have the 16GB version, over 100 apps and I've only used about 5 % of the space?! Let me know if anyone has found any apps genuinley more useful than the Fast Food finder.


  1. Damn I need new phone.

    Though, if I had access to some of these apps, I'd be glued, just like the people on the reality shows.


  2. aahh olivia! i love your blogspot, puts my poxy one to shame. love what you said about chictopia being a poor mans lookbook (which i've just added you on - this comment is sounding like i stalk you..)! Also as if i didnt want an iphone enough this entry just made me want one even more!xxx