Friday, 12 March 2010

taking all the credit

Something which annoys me GREATLY is when really good songs from the around 50s to early 90s get sampled on absolutely dire Top 40 song, and for the 15 minutes it's famous the dribbling masses think the manufactured 'pop sensations' created them. If you do one thing, listen to the intro of Straight To Hell by The Clash.

No pictures today as this is a purely audio rant blog. A prime example is 'Flo Rida' (What does that mean?? A pun on Florida??) using Dead or Alive. And upon a bit of research I found that the chorus of 'Low' has been sampled in its entirity from another song.

Actually found a good website whilst raging on this topic; WhoSampled. I urge you to browse for some of your favourite more recent artists or bands, and maybe find a new appreciation for their inspiration.

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